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You For Me

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US, 1952, 71 minutes, Black and white.
Peter Lawford, Jane Greer, Gig Young.
Directed by Don Weis.

You For Me came out in the same year as Just This Once, a pleasing romantic comedy of the early 1950s. This film tries to be in the same vein, but is might slighter, less attractive.

The film was directed by Don Weis, who directed Just This Once as well as Remains to be Seen and I Love Melvin and other slight comedies of the time. He had a long career in television.

Peter Lawford is once again a rich socialite. At the opening of the film he gets accidentally shot in the behind during a hunting expedition and makes enormous demands on the hospital to take care of him. He is petulant, spoilt. He makes life a misery for the staff. However, he is a donor to the hospital and the staff bend over backwards to help him. However, ordinary nurse, played by Jane Greer, does not realise who he is and complains. She is sacked. The surgeon, played by Gig Young, is dependent on the grants for his research so he persuades the nurse to try to charm the millionaire into continuing the donation.

This is the main part of the comedy as she goes out with the millionaire, dances, drinks, tries to persuade him, apologises – but is charmed also by the surgeon. This comes to complication when the nurse’s sister is about to give birth, is in need of top surgical help, the doctor being unavailable, going to Baltimore for a new job. The underling doctor, who is attracted to the nurse, is forced to do the surgery himself – and successfully.

Ultimately, the nurse realises she is in love with the doctor, the millionaire takes her to the station to meet the train on which he is travelling – and a happy ending, except for the millionaire who gets shot again in the same delicate place for a jokey ending.

The film was a supporting feature – slightly amusing but rather forgettable.

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