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Israel, 2012, 84 minutes, Colour.
Directed by Eytan Fox.

Yossi is a film by Eytan Fox. It is a sequel to his award-winning film, Yossi and Jagger. It comes 10 years after the original, and focuses on what has happened to Yossi after his discharge from the army. In the army, he had experienced love for Jagger, but with final grief as Jagger died in his arms.
10 years later, Yossi is a doctor, working in Tel Aviv. He lives a sad and lonely life, no relationships, watching pornography at home, answering a dating service but sending an old photo and rejected by the man he visits. By chance, he meets Jagger’s mother at the hospital and finally decides to go to visit Jagger’s parents and tell them the truth about the relationship. The mother is unable to accept it. The father generously shows Yossi his son’s room.
He is advised to take a holiday because of his overworking. He encounters a group of soldiers on his way to Eilat and gives them a lift. He decides to stay in the hotel, is attracted to one of the soldiers, a homosexual called Tom. He is able to break out of his loneliness with Tom who is ten years younger and, with discussions about reading and music, seems from another, even alien, generation.
The film ends with the possibility of a new life for Yossi but we suspect that, with a greater sense of freedom, he will return to the hospital.

1. The film as a sequel? The impact of the original? The characters? Audience interest in Yossi? Relationships, the army, homosexuality, love, death?
2. Ten years passing? Yossi out of the army, his study, becoming a doctor, melancholy, lonely, sad?
3. A Tel Aviv story? The detail of the hospital, surgery, reception, offices? The suburbs, homes, apartments? The highways, the Israeli scenery? Eilat, touristic, luxury?
4. The locations, the contrasts? The musical score and the songs?
5. The introduction to Yossi, Nina waking him up, his dedication to his work, Nina and the proposal to see the play, getting the tickets? The arrival of Moti, the chat, his taking the drugs, the divorce, Yossi’s reaction?
6. Seeing Jagger’s mother, swapping appointments with Moti, the examination, the scan, his discussions with her, her reticence, giving her a lift? Her showing the picture? His not being able to respond?
7. Yossi at home, watching the pornography, masturbation, his loneliness, the Internet and the dating, sending an old photo, going to the apartment, the man and his disappointment, speaking bluntly, telling Yossi he was a fraud, wanting a sexual encounter and Yossi leaving?
8. Yossi visiting Jagger’s parents, the father recognizing him? The mother not able to speak? His telling them the truth, the mother not accepting it, the father showing him his son’s room? Yossi and his grief?
9. The patient with heart trouble, Moti stopping him during the procedure, air in the blood, Yossi being overtired? Nina waking him up, the kiss, the rumours, her embarrassment? Talking with Moti, the shower, Moti taking him out, celebrating the divorce, trying to set him up, Yossi leaving?
10. The advice to take leave, the friendly doctor, not eating cake, but needing rest? His driving south? Stopping for the meal, listening to the soldiers? The chat and chatter? Camaraderie? Missing the transport, Yossi giving them a lift, in the car, talking, wanting modern music?
11. The personalities of the soldiers, young, talk, music, party, swimming in the pool?
12. Yossi intending to stay in Eilat? In the hotel, his room, at the poolside, reading Death in Venice, his love for Mahler?
13. Tom, his homosexuality, friendliness, in the pool, nights out and partying? His recommending the massage? Getting an appointment for Yossi, saying it was from the others, their denying it, Yossi going, leaving? His distaste for massage? His seeing Tom?
14. The music, being moved by the songs, his room? Tom coming to the performance, the cheerleader dance, traditional songs?
15. Tom, naked in the water, the injury, Yossi helping him, his return to the room, the advance, the sexual relationship? The aftermath?
16. Tom proposing that they should stay in Eilat? Yossi and his sense of duty? Proposing that they stay? A fanciful ending indicating Yossi and his new sense of freedom?

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