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Point, The

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US, 1971, 74 minutes, Colour.
Voices of Dustin Hoffman, Alan Thicke, Ringo Starr.
Directed by Fred Wolf.

An animated American fable, unusual in its design with shapes and general wash rather than precise definition. The table is highlighted by a framework of father and son relationship and the story plays with the word 'point' and its various meanings. Perhaps, it is a bit intellectual for some younger children - they can rely on communication by visuals. There are songs illustrated by Harry Nilsson and on the television version the voice is that of Dustin Hoffman.

1. The appeal of animated films? This style of animation for children, adults?

2. The style of animation and its appeal, shape and design rather than precision and outline? The contribution of the musical score? Nilsson’s songs and their illustration? The voices and the commentary?

3. The impact of this kind of fable - cinema moralising, entertainment?

4. The title and its point? The point of the word 'point' and its various meanings? The verbal explanations given throughout the film? Audience grasp and response?

5. The framework of the fable: the father, the son, television? The telling of a story? The final explanations?

6. How well defined were the characters, their personalities attractive, "cute"? Voices? Animation and design?

7. The character of Oblio - different from anyone? everyone else because of his shape? Lacking point? His character, relationship with his father? The jealousy of the Count's son and their clashes? Oblio as hero?

8. The picture of the King and his hesitation, the Count and the clash with the King? The political background of this clash? Rivalry?

9. The competition with the Count's son? The defeat of Oblio and his exile?

10. The presentation of the Pointless Forest? Oblio's experience there? What did he learn? The strange characters in the forest - the rock man, the three bouncing fat ladies, the man who sold leaves? The message that Oblio could not live in the Pointless Forest? His going back to the Pointed Village and his reception?

11. The point of his return and his having achieved a pointed, head? Why? How satisfying an entertainment fable?

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