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Gable and Lombard
Gabrielle. 2013
Gabriel over the White House
Gaby/ 1956
Gaby/ 1987
Gadjo Dilo
Gagarin: First in Space
Gaily, Gaily
Galaxy Quest
Gallagher's Travels
Gallant Blade, The
Gallant Hours, The
Gallows, The
Gal Who Took The West, The
Gal Young' Un
Gambit / 2012
Gambler, The
Gambler, The/ 2014
Gambler from Natchez, The
Gambler's Choice
Gambling Lady
Game, The
Game Change
Game Night
Game Plan, The
Games, The
Gang, Le
Gangnam, 70/ Gangnam Blues
Gang Related
Gang's All Here, The
Gangs of New York
Gangster Squad
Gangster Story
Garage Days
Garbage Warrior
Garbo Talks
Gardening with Soul
Garden Murder Case, The
Garden of Allah, The
Garden of Evil
Garden of Redemption
Garden of the Finzi Contini,The
Gardens of Stone
Gardens of the Night
Garden State
Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties
Gaslight/ 1940
Gaslight/ 1944
Gas-s-s-s/Gas! or it Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It
Gatekeepers, The
Gate of Flesh
Gateway, The
Gathering of Eagles, A
Gathering Storm, The
Gauguin, Voyage de Tahiti
Gauntlet, The
Gayby Baby
Gay Falcon, The
Gay Sisters, The
Gaz Bar Blues
Gazebo, The
Geese Mate for Life
Geisha Boy
Gemma Bovery
General, The
General, The/ Ireland 1998
General Della Rovere
General Died at Dawn, The
General Gordon Bennett
General Nil
General's Daughter, The
Generation/ Poland 1955
Generation/ US 1985
Generation Um...
Genesis II
Genghis Khan
Genius, The
Gentle Annie
Gentle Creature, A
Gentle Gunman, The
Gentleman Jim
Gentlemen Broncos
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Gentlemen's Agreement
Gentle Sex, The
George Mc Kenna Story, The / Hard Lessons
George of the Jungle
George Washington Slept Here
Georgia/ Australia 1988
Georgia Rule
Georgy Girl
Gerald's Game
German Doctor, The/ Wolkodia
Geronimo/ 1962
Geronimo: an American Legend
Gespenster/ Ghost
Get a Life
Getaway, The/ 1972
Getaway, The/ 1994
Getaway/ 2013
Get Carter
Get Carter/ 2000
Get Crazy
Get Hard
Get Him to the Greek
Get Low
Get Lucky
Get on the Bus
Get on Up
Get Out
Get Outta Town
Get Out Your Handerchiefs
Get Over It
Get Real
Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Get Santa
Get Shorty
Get Smart
Get That Girl
Get the Gringo/ How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Getting Even with Dad
Getting Married
Getting of Wisdom, The
Getting Straight
Getting to Know You
Gettin' Square
Gett: the Trial of Vivanne Amsalem
Geula/ Redemption
Ghost/The Ghost Writer
Ghostbusters/ 2016
Ghostbusters 2
Ghost Dad
Ghost and Mrs Muir, The
Ghost and the Darkness, The
Ghost Breakers, The
Ghost Goes Home, The
Ghost Goes West, The
Ghost in the Machine, The
Ghost in the Shell/ 2017
Ghost of a Chance/ 1985
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Ghost Ship, The
Ghost Ship/ 2002
Ghost Stories
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Ghosts of Berkeley Square, The
Ghosts of Mississippi
Ghost Story, A/ 2017
Ghost Story
Ghost Town
Ghost Train
Ghost Walks, The
Ghoul, The/ 1933
Ghoul, The/ 1975
Giants, The/ Les Geants
Giant Spider Invasion, The
Gideon of Scotland Yard
Gideon's Daughter
Gideon's Trumpet
Gift, The/ 1979
Gift, The
Gift, The/ US 2000
Gift, The/ 2015
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
Gift Horse, The
Gift of Life, The
Gift of Love, The/ 1956
Gift of Love, The/ 1978
Gift of Miracles, A
Gig, The
Gigolos, The
GI Jane
GI Joe: Retaliation
GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra
Gilded Cage, The
Gimme the Loot
Ginger and Fred
Ginger and Rosa
Gingerbread Man, The
Ginger Meggs
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
Ginger Snaps: Unleashed
Giornata Balorda, La
Giornata Particolare, Una/ A Special Day
Girasoles Ciegos, Los/ Blind Sunflowers
Girl, The
Girl and the General, The
Girl Asleep
Girl Clock
Girl Crazy
Girlfriend Experience, The
Girlfriend's Day
Girl from Jones Beach
Girl from Missouri, The
Girl from Monaco, The/ La Fille de Monaco
Girl from Paris, The/ Une hirondelle a fait le printemps
Girl From Petrovka, The
Girl from Rio, The
Girl from Tenth Avenue, The
Girl He Left Behind, The
Girlhood/ Bandes des Filles
Girl Hunters
Girl in Every Port, A
Girl, Interrupted
Girl in the Park, The
Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, The
Girl in the Sneakers, The
Girl in the Spider's Web, The
Girl in White, The
Girl on the Late Late Show, The
Girl Most Likely, The
Girl Named Sooner, A
Girl Named Tamiko, A
Girl Next Door, The
Girl Next Door, The/1997
Girl of the Bush
Girl of The Golden West
Girl on the Train, The
Girl Rush
Girls in the Office, The
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Girls Lost: Pojkarna
Girls Night
Girls Night Out
Girls of Huntington House, The
Girls Trip
Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, A
Girl Who Had Everything, The
Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The
Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The
Girl Who Played with Fire, The
Girl Who Spelled Freedom, The
Girl With a Pearl Earring
Girl With Green Eyes, The
Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The/ Man som hatar kvinnor
Girl with the Dragon Tatoo/ US 2011
Girl with the Red Hair, The
Giro City
Gitan, Le/ The Gypsy
Give a Girl a Break
Give 'Em Hell Harry
Give Me Your Heart
Give My Regards to Broad Street
Giver, The
Gladiator / 1992
Gladiator, The
Gladiator /2000
Gladiator School
Glass/ 2019
Glass Castle, The
Glass Cell, The
Glass House, The
Glass House, The/ 2001
Glass Key, The
Glass Menagerie, The
Glass Menagerie, The/ 1987
Glass Slipper, The
Glass Wall, The
Gleaming the Cube
Glengarry Glen Ross
Glenn Miller Story, The
Glimmer Man, The
Glimpse of Hell, A
Glitter Dome, The
Gloria/ 1980
Gloria Bell
Glorious 39
Glory/ Bulgaria
Glory Boys, The
Glory Brigade
Glory Guys, The
Glory Road
G Men
Gnade/ Mercy
Gnome-Mobile, The
Gnomeo and Juliet
Goal 2: Living the Dream
Goal! 3
Go Ask Alice
Go- Between, The/ 2015
God Bless America
Goddess, The
Goddess of Love
Goddess of 1967, The
God Exists, Her Name is Petrunija
Godfather, The
Godfather Part II, The
Godfather Part III, The
God is Close
God is my Co-Pilot
God on Trial
Go Down Death
Gods and Monsters
God's Country and The Woman
Godsend, The
God's Gun/ Diamante Lobo
Gods Must Be Crazy, The
Gods Must Be Crazy 2, The
God's Not Dead
God's Not Dead 2
Gods of Egypt
God's Own Country
God's Pocket
God Told Me To/ Demon
God Willing/ Se Dio Vuole
Godzilla/ 1984
Godzilla/ 2014
Go Fast
Go Fish
Go For Broke
Go For It
Go Go Tales
Goin' Down the Road
Going all the Way
Going Back
Going Bananas
Going Berserk
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Going for Gold
Going Hollywood
Going Home
Going in Style
Going in Style/ 2017
Going My Way
Going Sane
Going the Distance
Going Under
Going Up of David Lev, The
Goin' South
Go Into Your Dance
Gold/ 2013
Gold/ 2014
Gold/ 2016
Gold Diggers of 1933
Gold Diggers of 1935
Gold Diggers of 1937
Golden Arrow
Golden Braid
Golden Cage, The
Golden Child, The
Golden Coach, The/ La Carossed'Or
Golden Compass, The
Golden Earrings
Golden Fleecing, The
Golden Gate Murders, The
Golden Girl
Golden Glove, The/ Der Goldene Handschuh
Golden Hawk, The
Golden Needles
Golden Rendezvous, The
Golden Salamander, The
Golden Seal, The
Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The
Golden Years
Gold of the Amazon Women
Gold of the Seven Saints
Gold Racket, The
Gold Rush, The
Golem, The
Go, Man, Go
Go Master. The
Go Naked in the World
Gone/ 2007
Gone/ 2012
Gone, Baby, Gone
Gone Fishin'
Gone Girl
Gone to Earth/ The Wild Heart
Gone to Ground
Gone to the Dogs
Gone with the Bullets
Gone With The Wind
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S. Thompson
Good Against Evil
Goodbye Again
Goodbye, Bafana
Goodbye, Charlie
Goodbye, Charlie Bright
Goodbye, Christopher Robin
Goodbye Columbus
Goodbye Girl, The
Goodbye, Grandpa!
Goodbye Lenin
Goodbye, Lover
Goodbye, Mr Chips/ 1939
Goodbye, Mr Chips/ 1969
Goodbye My Fancy
Goodbye My Lady
Goodbye New York
Goodbye, Norma Jean
Goodbye, Paradise
Goodbye Pork Pie
Goodbye Raggedy Ann
Goodbye, Solo
Good Day to Die Hard, A
Good Deeds
Good Dick
Good Die Young, The
Good Dinosaur, The
Good Earth, The
Good German, The
Good Girl, The
Good Girls Go To Paris
Good Guy, The
Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The
Good Guys Wear Black
Good Kids
Good Kill
Good Lie, The
Good Morning, Babylon
Good Morning, Miss Dove
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Mother, The
Good Neighbor, The
Good Neighbour Sam
Good News
Good Night, The
Goodnight and Good Luck
Goodnight Mommy
Goodnight My Love
Good People
Good Shepherd, The/ US 2006
Good Sport, A
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Good, the Bad and the Weird, The
Good Thief, The
Good Thing Going, A
Good Time/ 2017
Good Time Girl
Good Time Max
Good Times
Good Will Hunting
Good Woman, A
Good Woman of Bangkok, The
Good Year, A
Goon: Last of the Enforcers
Good Vibrations
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
Gordon's War
Gore Vidal's Billy The Kid
Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia
Gorgeous Hussey
Gorgon, The
Gorilla Bathes at Noon, The
Gorillas In The Mist
Goruden Suramba
Gosford Park
Gospel According to Andre, The
Gospel According To St Matthew, The
Gospel Hill
Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus, The
Go Tell the Spartans
Government Inspector, The
Governor's New Clothes, The
Go West
Go West/ Bosnia 2005
Goya in Bordeaux
Goya's Ghosts
Grace a Dieu/ By the Grace of God
Grace Card, The
Grace is Gone
Grace Kelly
Grace of Monaco
Grace of My Heart
Grace Quigley
Grace Unplugged
Graduate, The
Grain et le Mulet, La / Couscous, Secret of the Grain
Grande Bellezza, La/ The Great Beauty
Grand Budapest Hotel, The
Grand Cahier
Grand Canyon
Grand Central Murder
Grand Chemin, Le
Grandad Rudd
Grande Bouffe, La
Grande Ecole
Grande Illusion, La
Grande Seduction, La/ Seducing Dr Lewis
Grand Seduction. The/ 2013
Grande Sogno, Il
Grand Hotel
Grandmaster, The
Grand Prix
Grand Slam/Ad Ogni Costo
Grandview USA
Grand Voyage, Le
Gran Torino
Grapes of Wrath, The
Grasshopper, The
Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, The
Grass is Greener, The
Grass is Singing, The
Grave's End
Gray Lady Down
Grease 2
Greased Lightning
Greasy Strangler, The
Great American Beauty Contest, The
Great American Pastime, The
Great Balls of Fire
Great Bank Robbery, The
Great Buck Howard, The
Great Caruso, The
Great Day
Great Day in the Morning
Great Debaters, The
Great Dictator, The
Great Diamond Robbery, The
Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael, The
Great Escape, The
Greatest, The
Greatest, The/ 2009
Greatest Game Ever Played, The
Greatest Movie Ever Sold, The
Greatest Showman, The
Greatest Show on Earth, The
Greatest Story Ever Sold, The
Great Expectations
Great Expectations/ 1975
Great Expectations/ 1998
Great Expectations/ 2012
Great Garrick, The
Great Gatsby, The/ 1949
Great Gatsby, The/ 1974
Great Gatsby, The/ 2000
Great Gatsby, The/ 2013
Great God Gold
Great Guy
Great Imposter, The
Great Lie, The
Great Locomotive Chase, The
Great Man, The
Great Man's Lady, The
Great Man's Whiskers, The
Great Mc Ginty, The
Great Mint Swindle, The
Great Mr Handel, The
Great Muppet Caper, The
Great Niagara, The
Great Outdoors, The
Great Passage, The/ Fune who amu
Great Race, The
Great Raid, The
Great Rupert, The
Great Santini, The
Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday, The
Great Sinner, The
Great Sioux Uprising, The
Great Commandment, The
Great Lover, The
Great Mac Arthy, The
Great Man Votes, The
Great Waldo Pepper, The
Great Wall, The
Great Waltz, The/ 1938
Great Waltz, The/ 1972
Great White
Great White Hope, The
Great White Hype, The
Great Ziegfeld, The
Greeks Bearing Gifts
Greeks Bearing Gifts/ Inspector Morse
Greek Tycoon, The
Green Berets, The
Green Bird, The
Green Book
Green Card
Green Dolphin Street
Green Dragon
Greene Murder Case, The
Green Eyes
Green Eyes/ 1934
Green Fire
Green For Danger
Greengage Summer, The
Green Grass of Wyoming
Green Helmet, The
Green Hornet, The
Greenhouse Effect
Green Ice
Green Inferno, The
Green Lantern, The
Green Light, The
Green Man, The
Green Mansions
Green Prince, The
Green Room
Green Scarf, The
Green Slime
Green Street/ Hooligans/ Green Street Hooligans
Green Years, The
Green Zone
Greetings from Wollongong
Gregory's Girl
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Grendel, Grendel, Grendel
Grey, The
Grey Fox, The
Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby/ 2005
Grey Gardens/ 1975
Grey Gardens/ 2009
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, King of the Apes
Grey Zone, The
Gridiron Gang
Gridlock / The Great American Traffic Jam
Grido, Il/ The Cry
Grido della Terra, Il
Grief Street
Grievous Bodily Harm
Griffin and Phoenix
Griffin and Phoenix/ 2006
Griff the Invisible
Grifters, The
Grinch, The
Grissom Gang, The
Grizzly Man
Groomsmen, The
Groom Wore Spurs, The
Gross Anatomy
Grosse Point Blank
Gross Misconduct
Ground Beneath My Feet
Groundhog Day
Groundstar Conspiracy, The
Group, The
Grownups 2
Grudge, The/ US
Grudge 2, The
Grudge Match
Grumpier Old Men
Grumpy Old Men
Guadalcanal Diary
Guard, The
Guardian, The
Guardian, The/ 2006
Guardian of the Wilderness
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2
Guardsman, The
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The
Guerra di Mario, La/ Mario's War
Guerre Est Finie, La / The War is Over
Guess Who
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Guest in the House
Guests of the Emperor/ Silent Cries
Guest Wife
Guetteur, Le/ The Lookout
Guide for the Married Man, A
Guide for the Married Woman, A
Guide to Recognising Your Saints, A
Guilt Trip, The
Guilty, The
Guilty, The/ 2018
Guilty by Suspicion
Guilty of Innocence: the Lenell Geter Story
Guilty of Treason
Guilty Pleasures
Guinea Pig, The
Guisi/ Silk
Guitar, The
Gulliver's Travels
Gulliver's Travels/ 2011
Gully Boy
Gumball Rally, The
Gun Crazy/1949
Gunfight, A
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Gunfighter, The
Gun for a Coward
Gun Fury
Gunga Din
Gung Ho
Gun Glory
Gun in Each Hand, A
Gun in the House, A
Gunrunner, The
Guns at Batasi
Guns for San Sebastian
Gun Shy
Gun Shy/ 2017
Guns of Fort Petticoat, The
Guns of Navarone, The
Guns of the Magnificent Seven
Guru, The
Guru, The/ US 2005
Guy from Oklahoma, The
Guy Named Joe, A
Guy X
Guys, The
Guys and Dolls
Guy Thing, A
Gypsy and the Gentleman, The
Gypsy Colt
Gypsy Girl/ Sky West and Crooked
Gypsy Moths, The
Gypsy Woman

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