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This section is something of a vanity of vanities project. Having interviewed directors in the past but forgotten to ask for their autographs, I decided in recent years to ask for photos instead. Here they are with the places where the photos were taken and the dates.

Agnieszka Holland. Tehran, February 2007

Alessandro D'Alatri/ Italy. Venice, 3rd September 2008

Alexsander Sukurov. With SIGNIS Jury, September 2007.

Andibachtiar, Yusuf/ Indonesia. 26th January 2009

Andreas Amstedt/ Holland. Dhaka, 16th January 2010

Andreas Fesoes/ Hungary. Kiev, 26th October 2008

Andrei Zviagintsev/ Russia. Yerevan, July 2007

Andrew Lang/ UK. Havana, 12th December 2009

Anwar Jamahl/ India. Dhaka, 23rd January 2010

Atom Egoyan/ Canada. Cannes, 24th May 2008

Babek Payami/ Iran, Switzerland. Venice, 9th September 2009

Barbara Albert/ Austria. Berlin, February 2007

Ben Hopkins/ UK. Washington DC, 20th April 2009

Bernard Ermond/ Canada, right. Locarno, July 2005, with the Ecumenical Jury

Bob Hercules/ US. Dhaka, 22nd January 2010

Boris Despodov/ Serbia. Berlin, February 2008

Brillante Mendoza/ Philippines. Berlin, February 2008

Bruno Dumont. France. Yerevan, July 2007

Burhan Qrbani/ Germany, right, and cast. Berlin 20th February 2010

Carla Garapadian/ UK. With Hans Hodel/ Interfilm. Yerevan, July 2007

Catalan Mitelescu/ Romania. Bucharest, November 2006

Catherine Hardwicke/ US. Los Angeles, October 2006

Chang dong-lee/ Korea. Yerevan, July 2007

Charles Robert Carner/ US. Los Angeles, October 2004

Cheikh Ndiaye/ Senegal. Zanzibar, June 2006

Claude Gagnon/ Canada, centre. Montreal, September 2005

Clementine Ederveen/ Holland. Dhaka, 21st January 2010

Damien Roussineau/ France. Kiev, October 2008

Daniel Burman/ Argentina. Venice, 2nd September 2008

Daniel Dencik/ Denmark. Oslo, 8th November 2009

Dariush Yari/ Iran. Dhaka, January 2006

Doy del Mondo/ Philippines. Manila, January 2007, with Terry Hermano

Dominque Abel and Fiona Gordon/ Belgium. Kiev, October 2008

Edgardo Cabeza/ Argentina. Buenos Aires, 15th April 2008

Eduardo Continho/ Argentina. Buenos Aires, 8th April 2008, centre, with Gustavo Andujar

Elizabeth Bostan/ Romania. Bucharest, November 2005

Enamul Karin Nirjah/ India. Dhaka, 16th January 2010

Erik Poppe/ Norway. Oslo, 7th November 2009

Eugen Schiller/ Australia. Melbourne, 1st January 2009

Ferid Boughedir/ Tunisia. Cannes, 24th May 2008

Gaston Biraben/ Argentina. Turnhout, April 2005

Hana Makhmalbaf/ Iran, France. 26th October 2008

Hannah Schygulla/ Germany. 9th December 2009

Jafar Panahi/ Iran. Kiev, July 2007

Majid Majidi/ Iran. Montreal, September 2001

Mario Monicelli/ Italy. Tehran, Feburary 2007

Michael Haneke/ Austria. Cannes, 24th May 2009

Morgan Spurlock/US. Los Angeles, October 2007

Paul Haggis/US. Santa Monica, October 2007.

Negar Azarbayjani/ Iran. Tehran, February 2011, right, with actress and Interfaith Jury

Rolf de Heer/ Australia. Venice, 1993, with the OCIC Jury

Scott Derickson/ US. Los Angeles, October 2005

Walter Salles/ Brazil. Venice, 4th September 2009

Wim Wenders/ Germany, US. Locarno, July 2005, with the Ecumenical Jury

Yilmaz Arslan/ Germany, centre with child actor. Locarno, July 2005, with the Ecumenical Jury

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