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US, 2017, 94 minutes, Colour.
Dave Bautista, Brittany Snow, Angelica Zambrana, Jeremie Harris.
Directed by Jonathan Millott, Cary Murnion.

Bushwick looks like a post-Apocalyptic drama but, in fact, turns out to be an imaginary take on the present.

The film opens peacefully enough, long helicopter ride over the outstretched New York City. However, in the transition to the subway, it is absolutely deserted. Then, the revelation that there are battles in the streets, armed military men, locals and looting, shootings and explosions.

The action focuses on a young woman, Brittany Snow, who is bewildered, attacked, wants to find her way to her grandmother and her apartment. In hiding, she comes across a military veteran, Stupe, Dave Bautista. After initial fear, they make their way through Bushwick only to find the grandmother dead. A young soldier intrudes into the apartment, is overcome, reveals the truth about the states of the South wanting to secede from the United States, invading New York City as a test case for negotiations but meeting fierce resistance.

There are further complications in getting through the city, continued attacks, the young woman finding her sister, taking refuge in an apartment block where they are advised to go to the local church to get information for a rendezvous for helicopter rescuing.

Surprisingly, the end of the film is rather pessimistic.

1. The title? New York City, the Bushwick neighbourhood?

2. An apocalyptic story – but in the present, the possible uprising of secessionists from the south, from Texas?

3. The 21st-century atmosphere of white supremacists in the US?

4. The opening, the helicopters, the visuals of New York City, the vastness, indication of rifles and uniforms?

5. Luce, Her boyfriend, no one in the subway, his going to the street, the explosion, burned? The militants in the street, the gunfire, explosions, looting?

6. Luce, her age, wanting to get to her grandmother’s house, the attacks in the street, the violence? Her going into the house, in the trunk, Stupe finding her? The confrontation? His believing her?

7. The trek together, the dangers, hiding, weapons? The getting to the house, the grandmother, dead? Their talking and explaining each other? Luce and her fears, Stupe eventually revealing his story about his military service, the effect, the deaths?

8. Luce going to find her sister, her violent reaction, drugs, not believing? The intrusion of the young man from Kentucky, his explanations of the situation, his being polite, his defiance?

9. In the house, the young men and their weapons, the confrontation, going upstairs to their mother, her comments on the fights in the street in New York City? Sending Luce to find the priest?

10. Luce, going to the church, the young priest helping the wounded, Fr. John in the basement, his despair, quoting the Scriptures, his death?

11. The attempts to get to the rendezvous for the rescue? The fighting, Stupe and his being shot? Luce upset, going to rescue her sister, the shield, her being killed?

12. A pessimistic ending? The consequences of the uprising?

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