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Peter Malone's Bibliography



Editor, 1972 -1998.



The Mystery of Christ, a course introducing theology,
Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne, 1983.

Discovering an Australian Theology, (Co-ordinator and contributor),
St Pauls, Sydney, 1988.

Traces of God
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Developing an Australian Theology, (Co-ordinator and contributor)
Melbourne, St Pauls, 1999.

Jesus... according to the Scriptures
Chevalier Press, Sydney, 2009


The Film
Chevalier Press, Sydney, 1971.

The Writing on the Wall
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200 Movies and Discussions II
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US Edition, Crossroads, New York, 1990

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From Back Pews to Front Stalls. The Churches in a Hundred Years of Australian Feature Films (Co-ordinator and contributor),
Chevalier Press, Sydney, 1996.

Cinema, Religion, Values
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Myth and Meaning. Australian Directors in their own Words.
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On Screen
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Lights Camera...Faith! A Movie Lectionary, Cycle B,
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Lights Camera...Faith! A Movie Lectionary, Cycle C,
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Can Movies be a Moral Compass?
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5000 Movies and discussions,
CD, SIGNIS, Brussels, 2005.

Lights Camera… Faith! The Ten Commandments,
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Through a Catholic Lens (Co-ordinator and contributor)
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Film and Faith
(CFA, Manila, 2008)

Film, Faith and Church
(CFA, Manila, 2009)

Film and Sacraments
(CFA, Manila, 2011)

Film and Mary
(CFA, Manila, 2012)

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My Names,
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Mirror, Mirror on the Screen, Type and Movies
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The Same as Christ Jesus, Gospel and Type
St Pauls, London, 2000

The Type and Movie Book, Personality through the lens of film.
Inkshed Press, Melbourne, 2012.


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'Images and Stories',

Articles in conference proceedings of Associations of Psychological Type on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.
USA: 1989, 1995.
Australia: 1991, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998.

Articles on Film and Type in the MBTI reviews from Australia (1998- ), Britain (2002 -), US (1998-2004).

Cassette Volumes

Introducing the Old Testament,
Daughters of St Paul, (12 x 40 minutes), 1986.

The New Testament Jesus in the Light of the Old,
Daughters of St Paul, (12 x 40 minutes), 1987.

The Church's Unfolding History,
Parish Ministry, (24 x 40 minutes) 1990.


Contributions to a wide range of papers, magazines and
periodicals including, Compass, Irish Theological Quarterly, Pacifica,
Australasian Catholic Record, Sidoc, Sursum Corda,
Interchange, Dialogue, Twentieth Century, Scripture in Church
Eureka Street, Women -Church, Eremos, Ten- Ten...

Film Reviews, 1968-1998

Annals Australia, 1968-1998
Cinema Papers, passim since 1983
Catholic Leader, Brisbane, since 1991
Church Scene, 1995-7
Cine & Media, since 1991
Sun Pictorial, Melbourne, passim, 1984, 1985.
Catholic Voice, Canberra, since 1996
Standard, Hobart, since 1997
Catholic Weekly, since 1998
The Advocate, Melbourne, passim 1983-1990
Kairos, Melbourne, passim 1990-6, regularly since 1997
On Being Alive, since 1998
3 AW, 1973-1991
3 ZZ, 1994-6
Kick AM 1995-6.

Film Reviews, 1998-

The Universe, Manchester, 2000-2008
Westminster Gazette, passim
The Catholic Weekly, Sydney
Kairos, Melbourne
Catholic Leader, Brisbane
Catholic Voice, Canberra
SIGNIS Media, Brussels

Vatican Radio
BBC Radio 4, passim

Film Reviews, Websites

All releases on OCIC and, now,
Australian Catholic Bishops conference, Cath News
Catholic Communications, UK and Wales
Archdiocese of Hong Kong
Catholic Independent News, UK
Habitus, World Council of Churches


Association for Psychological Type (US)

Australian Catholic Theological Association

Australian Film Institute

Australian Association for Psychological Type
Foundation President, 1990-1991.
Victorian President, 1991-1993.

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