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Australian in Rome, An

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Italy/Australia, 1987, 90 minutes, Colour.
Nicole Kidman, Massimo Ciavarro.
Directed by Sergio Martino.

An Australian in Rome is an Australian (ABC) Italian co-production. It is a popular telemovie, a kind of One or Two Coins in the Fountain, a Roman romance with various tourist trips thrown in.

The production is basically Italian, with Italian writer and director. However, Nicole Kidman is the star. She makes the most of very soap operatic, ultra-romance lines. It focuses on the down to earth attitudes of Australian women contrasting with Italian aristocracy and their pretensions. The film also focuses on a young man who is making up his mind whether he goes on for priesthood or not. Conventional material.

1. Popular telemovie material? European- Australian co-production?

2. The Roman locations, the city, the monuments? The aristocracy? The tourist travel atmosphere? Songs and musical score?

3. The structure of the film, the framework of the funeral? Jill's experience?

4. Jill and Susan, Australians travelling around the world on a bike, types, down to earth? The breakdown of the bike? The encounters with PG? His presence, attractiveness, help? His flirting? Arranging the date, the hotel, fixing the bike? Jill and Susan's response, Jill preparing for the outing, Susan locking her in the bathroom, PG's arrival?

5. Jill, down to earth character, her comments on the Ten Commandments? Friendship with Susan? Getting ready to go out, attracted to PG, the disco and the dancing, the collage of the romance - in the Roman ruins, dancing, the bike? The romantic song? The affair? The repercussions for Jill, three days, in love? The plan for the extra time?

6. Jill waiting, hurt with PG's not arriving? Going back to Susan, the message about the accident? Rushing to the hospital? The meeting with PG's mother, the barbed conversation? Her meeting Gianmarco?

7. PG telling Jill and Gianmarco to be together, his reputation as the mad brother, playing the flute, with the children, student for the priesthood? His discussions with his superior about his future? Relationship with his mother, the preparation for PG's return, the embrace, his discussions with his mother? Destined to be a priest? His faith, relationship with God - and talking with Jill about the chair of compassion and the chair of justice? PG's return, his anger? Gianmarco's dilemma?

8. PG, in hospital, changing, not wanting to see people, the return home, his brusqueness and anger? The meal, the silence? His talking with Jill, showing how helpless his future would be? Looking at his ancestors, getting dressed up in the garb of the past, shooting himself?

9. The mother, the dinner with Jill, the sarcastic comments? The death, the funeral and her grief? Dealing with Gianmarco?

10. Gianmarco, his decision, discussions with Jill? Her decision to leave?

11. On the plane, Gianmarco's presence - a future?

12. Chocolate box and popular tourist romance? Credible? Entertaining?

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