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Greece, 2009, 103 minutes, Colour.
Lefteris Voyatzis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Dimitris Poulikakos.
Directed by Nikos Panayotopoulos.

A pessimistic story for both Greek and Turkish audiences, a study of mid-life crisis, wandering musicians, seduction and infidelity and final self destruction.

1.A film for Greek and Turkish audiences? The history of animosity between Greece and Turkey?

2.The Athenian settings, the landscapes between Athens and Istanbul? Istanbul and its beauty? The details of scenes?

3.The musical score, the importance of the clarinettist, the jazz and its permeating the film?

4.The focus on the father, his meal with his family, his daughter’s concern? His depression? The divorce after so many years?

5.At home, by himself, morose? The phone calls to his father? His father’s illness?

6.His decision to visit his father? His doing work away from Athens, the divorce cases?

7.The journey, the encounter with the young woman, the clarinettist? Their backgrounds, their stories, personalities?

8.The clarinettist, his story, performances? His relationship with the girl?

9.The girl, her personality, a wanderer? Her relationship with the old man? Changing the relationship? With the father, their time together, leaving the old man?

10.The adventures on the way, in Istanbul? Her going to see her friends? Her disappearance? Going to India? The effect on the man, his missing her, desperation? Going to visit the friends, their offhand information?

11.How did the film prepare for the man to commit suicide? The death of his father, the news from his daughter, her concern? His aim in going off with the girl, to rediscover youth? Disillusionment? Plunging into the Bosphorous? His death?

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