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Assault on a Queen

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US, 1968, 104 minutes, Colour.
Frank Sinatra, Virna Lisi, Tony Franciosa, Richard Conte, Alf Kjellin.
Directed by Jack Donahue.

Assault On A Queen is a moderately enjoyable crime thriller-comedy. It contains the usual ingredients and relies on the popularity and charm of the stars for its impact. The use of the Queen Mary is imaginative.

1. Was this an enjoyable adventure? Why?

2. How plausible was this film? Was it too far-fetched?

3. Its presentation of the world of deep-sea diving? Its adventures, its dangers, its searching for treasure, its reality?

4. The characters:
Mark Brittain - the professional diver, as a person, the American need for money, his involvement with the group, his seeming detachment from them, why did he become involved in the robber?
Vic Rossiter - the cardboard villain? How likable? Did he represent all the ordinary aspects of the villain? Were you surprised when he was killed? What values did he stand for?
Rosa Lucchesi - merely the romantic interest? Important to the plot; her money behind the enterprise, her involvement in seeking the treasure, why did she enter the plot for the robbery?
Eric Lauffnauer - his war background, Germanic style, commander, brains behind the robbery, principle rather than action, how could he persuade the others to join in his plan? What kind of character was he?
Tong Moreno - his contribution to the preparation, his part in the robbery, as a character?

5. What motivated this robbery of the Queen Mary?

6. The themes of adventure, misguided adventure, greed, money?

7. The mentality of robbers - elaborate theoretical plans, their thinking they have all the answers (contrasting with the actual robbery, the coast-guards etc.), the inherent foolishness of their plans, the risk of violence, of death?

8. Themes of justice and injustice, right and wrong - who died, who escaped? Why?

9. Did the film offer any insight into human behaviour?

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