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As Long As They're Happy

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UK, 1955, 91 minutes, Colour.
Jack Buchanan, Brenda de Banzie, Diana Dors, Jean Carson, Janette Scott, Susan Stephen, Jerry Wayne, Hugh Mc Dermott.
Directed by J. Lee- Thompson.

As Long As They're Happy is a '50s British farce - seeming rather dated now. It was directed by J. Lee- Thompson who was to make interesting films like Tiger Bay, The Guns of Navarone as well as many action adventures in the '60s and '70s as well as many Charles Bronson vehicles.

The film is based on a play - and relies on dialogue and farcical situations. Singer-dancer Jack Buchanan has the lead and is matched by Brenda de Banzie as his wife. Jerry Wayne imitates an American Johnny Ray-style singer- There is a strong supporting cast including Diana Dors, Athene Seyler, Joan Sims and a very young Nigel Greene.

1. Entertaining British farce? Of the '50s? Later?

2. Colour photography? London? Paris, Texas? The style for a farcical play opened out?

3. The title, the reference to Bentley and his daughters?

4. John Bentley and Jack Buchanan's style? His work, his personal style, his reputation? His wife? Coping with the daughters? Farce with situations between father and daughters? Their falling in love with Denver? His wife? The psychiatrist? The media and the press chasing Denver? Coping with him in his house? The happy resolution?

5. Gwen and her youthfulness, tricking Denver to visit their home, her infatuation with him, the press? The clashes within the family? Her sisters? Pat and Corinne? Their husbands? Coping with them? The satire on the singer and her bohemian husband? The daughter with her Texas cowboy husband? Amusing farce?

6. Stella and her coping, relationship with the daughters, with Bentley? Her infatuation with Denver?

7. Denver and the jokes at the expense of the American pop singer? His style? Being hounded by women? Taking refuge in the house? His adventures? Happy resolution? The secret of the onion?

8. The gallery of entertaining stock characters ranging from the psychiatrist to Diana Dors, to the next-door neighbour, to the maid and her fainting? Jokes at the expense of the British entertainment industry, J. Arthur Rank, television, pop stars and media coverage?

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