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Arrest Bulldog Drummond

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US, 1937, 57 minutes, Black-and-white.
John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B.Warner, Reginald Denny, E.E.Clive, Jean Fenwick, George Zucco.
Directed by James Hogan.

This is one of the many short features focusing on Sapper/Herman C.McLeise’s hero Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond. Again, as with most of the films, he is played by John Howard. Howard seems very dapper in the role. He is supported once again by his silly-ass British friend, Algy, played by Reginald Denny, and the enterprising butler-valet, Tenney, effectively embodied by E.E.Clive. As usual, Drummond’s girlfriend and fiance, Phyllis, this time played by Heather Angel, is insisting on his giving up his career – but, as always, he becomes more involved and Phyllis helps him.

And, once again, there is a mastermind criminal threatening the world. He is played by George Zucco, a millionaire, exploiting a deadly ray, based on the stingray, which can blow up targets at a short distance. He kills an eccentric inventor who believes that the end of the world is at hand and therefore his ray is to be used for peace. The villain also has an upper-class woman as his co-conspirator.

This time Inspector Nielsen is played by the star of De Mille’s King of Kings,H.B. Warner, a more credible creation than John Barrymore’s. John Sutton appears as his assistant.

Drummond and Algy are caught investigating and are arrested, Nielsen being very suspicious. While he gets out, Drummond is also in danger of being arrested again – and also being abandoned by his fiancee.

Phyllis and her aunt go on a voyage with the villains on board. Drummond flies to the island where they experience their various confrontations, Algy and Tenney being trapped in a net but escaping with the help of a knife provided by a friendly bird, Drummond confronting the villain and fighting him, the inspector arriving – and all solved.

An entertaining, but rather usual, contribution to the series.

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