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Appointment in Honduras

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US, 1953, 79 minutes, Colour.
Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, Zachary Scott, Rodolfo Acosta, Jack Elam.
Directed by Jacques Tourneur.

Appointment in Honduras is a B-feature set in the jungles of Honduras. It begins on a ship, a mutiny led by Glenn Ford. He takes with him a group of condemned criminals because, according to his plan of gun-running, he has to be in Honduras in a fortnight. The married couple that he also takes are Zachary Scott as a spoilt wealthy man and his ambitious wife played by Ann Sheridan.

After the mutiny, most of the film takes place in the jungle, cat-and-mouse pursuit by police, clashes amongst the group themselves. It all ends somewhat predictably with Glenn Ford as hero revealing that he is a hero rather than a villain, Ann Sheridan prepared to settle down with him - and Zachary Scott, of course, dead as are the condemned criminals who brutally participate in the expedition.

Direction is by Jacques Tourneur, best known for a range of horror films in the early 40s made for producer Val Lewton.

1. A B-feature of the 50s? The second half of a double bill? Its status as an action adventure in later decades?

2. The jungle settings, the sea, the undergrowth, the villages? Honduras? Musical score?

3. The basic plot and the title: Corbett and his mission, the appointment in Honduras and the difficulty in getting there?

4. Corbett, Glenn Ford's screen presence, on the ship, the information about its voyage, his need to be in Honduras, the confronting of the captain? The deal with the prisoners? The mutiny, the boat, going on land? His promise of gold to the criminals, telling them they were in Guatemala? The trek through the jungle, the criminals, Sylvia, Harry? Harry and his wanting to undermine the trek? Sylvia and her falling in love with Corbett? The police chasing, the village, the shoot-outs? The continuing of the mission? The appointment in Honduras - and the aftermath back in the United States?

5. Sylvia and Harry, on the boat, gambling, their wealth? Their clashes? On the trek, Harry and his taunts, trying to do deals with the criminals? His alienation from Sylvia, the dangers, his being killed? Sylvia, woman of the world, alienation from Harry, infatuation with Corbett? Saving him from death? Going with him at the end?

6. The condemned criminals, the leader, their personalities, their greed? The mutiny, going on the expedition? Clashes, killings in the jungle? Their failure in getting home?

7. The popular ingredients of this kind of action adventure?

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