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Anwar: Dreams of a Dark Night

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India, 2009, 61 minutes, Colour.
Directed by Anwar Jamal.

A personalised story of a young man who has dreams of being a success in life, moves to Delhi and then is chosen by a director, Anwar Jamal playing himself. It has echoes of Slumdog Millionaire while creating its own world on the city and the border with Bangladesh - as well as the love of movies with the young man opening up his own theatre.

1.The impact of the film, short story? India, slums of Delhi? Echoes of Slum Dog Millionaire?

2.The blend of documentary and fiction? The director as a character? Seeing him directing the young man?

3.An authentic feel, the streets of Delhi, the houses, the slums, the rubbish tips? The countryside and the village? The rivers and the crops? The local cinema? Atmosphere and score?

4.The title, the opening and the re-showing the scene of the storm at night? The reality and dreams of the central character? Movies as dreams? The dream of building a cinema? The audiences coming to the cinema and their response?

5.The portrait of the boy, his life in the village, relationship with his parents, his mother’s criticism of his watching the movies, his working in the fields, washing in the river, leaving the village? Collecting waste in the city, the police and demanding his documents? His return to the village? The director appearing and giving him the money? Building the cinema, his friends helping, the fire destroying the building, ultimate success, going to the city to buy the projector, the audiences coming? The design of the cinema, especially the chairs and the holders for the babies? The young man and his age, experience, the possibilities in life, fulfilling dreams?

6.The authorities, the police in Delhi, the authorities and having documents filled in in the village?

7.The portrait of friends, family?

8.The filming, the director, the locations, the accident, the set-ups, the drive and the phone call? A film about film and filming?

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