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Another Public Enemy

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Korea, 2006, 148 minutes, Colour.
Directed by Woo- Suk Kang.
A Korean film about two young boys, rivals at school, growing to adult hood, one becoming a prosecutor and the other, the rich young man, involved in shady business deals and murder.

Very long at almost 2 ½ hours but the film shows the psychological warfare between the two men, the arrogance of the criminal with his rich connections, laundering money through a golf education club in the United States, thinking he was untouchable. On the other hand, the film gives a great amount of time to the prosecutor, his working with his assistant lawyers, the revengeful motivation that the authorities pick up, his speaking with various authorities, with various thugs associated with the criminal, leading to a final confrontation.

1. A Korea in crime and law drama? The background of the two protagonists, at school, rivalry, the set up for the conflict in adult life?

2. The settings, the police, the world of business, the world of the rich, corruption, crime? The police team, the prosecutor, the assistants, investigations?

3. The setting up of the two boys, backgrounds, rivalries, games, violence, studies? The wealthy boy looking down on the poor boy? The poor boy, studious, making a decision to go and fight, the consequences? His family background?

4. The two men growing up, the boy becoming a prosecutor, his office, those working with him, taking them out for a meal, putting pressure? The authorities? Those approving his investigation? Those critical? The imputation of motives of revenge? How true?

5. The wealthy young man, the source of his wealth, the funds, his contact with the world of business, stand over the tactics, threats? His self-satisfaction? Organising deaths, gaining power and wealth?

6. The world of petty criminals, those associated with the rich young man, the interrogations, the three bound men with the prosecutor investigating, the rehearsed responses – and their being imprisoned at the end?

7. The world of the wealthy, Koreans society, the golf sequences, the laundering of the money in a golf school in the United States?

8. The prosecutor, becoming more involved, the meetings with his rival, the challenges? The arrests, interrogations?

9. The development of the case, the interactions between the two – and the final confrontation and success?

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