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And God Created Woman/ Et Dieu Crea....La Femme

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France, 1956,
Brigitte Bardot, Curd Jurgens, Jean- Louis Trintignant, Christian Marquand.
Directed by Roger Vadim.

And God Created Woman is one of the earliest films by French director, Roger Vadim. Vadim is known for the sexuality of his films and the promotion of the stars, several of whom he married, including Brigitte Bardot, Annette Stroyberg, Jane Fonda.

This film promoted Brigitte Bardot in France, making her a household image and name, although she had appeared in small roles in a number of films, including the second Doctor film, Doctor at Sea.

This is a highly melodramatic film. the femme fatale turning one brother against the other. But Bardot has a very strong associate cast, especially with her leading men, the solid Curd Jurgens, the ever-reliable Jean- Louis Trintingnant and Christian Marquand who was to direct Candy, the 1968 version of Terry Southern’s novel.

Vadim re-made the film in 1988 in the United States with Rebecca De Mornay in the central role
Brigitte Bardot appeared in quite a number of films in the succeeding decade and is still remembered as the 1950s-1960s cinema sex symbol.

1. The impact of Brigitte Bardot? In the mid-1950s? And this film as her first major appearance? The response in France? Beyond France?

2. The films of Roger Vadim? His leading ladies? Presenting them, exploiting them? The sexual impact?

3. St Tropez, the Riviera, the sea, the beaches, the atmosphere of the coast, the boats, fishing, industry?

4. The title? The focus on Juliette, her background, her femininity, her sexuality? The effect on Eric, Michel, Antoine?

5. The basic plot? Familiar? The company, the rich executive and his plans, the casino, buying the land, the family refusing? Persuasion, the deal? His interest in Juliette? Her being on board, tantalising him? His focusing on the deal, on her? Her wanting to be married, Antoine and his putting her off? Michel and the marriage, the failure?

6. Juliette, orphanage, foster care, not wanting to go back to the orphanage, flirting with Eric, her love for Antoine, the meetings, his promise, in the bus and her walking on the road, the rabbit, letting it go, a disappointment? Michel and his infatuation with her? The decision to marry, the wedding, the aftermath, the sexual relationship? The tensions, her wandering, going out, going to the prostitutes’ bar? To Eric’s boat? Toying with Eric? Making Michel exasperated? Antoine and his return, his regrets, the sexual experience? Michel and his reaction, wanting to forgive, yet upset? Her going to the bar, the band, her dance, the increasing frenzy, Eric watching, Michel watching, the gun and the attempted shooting? Her future?

7. Eric, the businessman, older, interest in Juliette, his plans, discussions, associates? His not following through with Juliette? His success with the deal, the family selling? His casino enterprise? His watching Juliette, the dance, the threat with the gun, Michel?

8. Michel, young, infatuated with Juliette, watching her, her not marrying Antoine, proposal, winning, the early times, satisfaction, response to her wandering, the confrontation with Antoine, the gun? Going to the bar, his desperation? Shooting?

9. Antoine, the older brother, his work in Toulon, returning to the town, promising Juliette but failing, leaving the house? His resisting the deal, final acceptance? Will Juliette and her advances, the sexual encounter, the consequences, the mother telling Michel, his talking with Michel, the conflict, at the

10. The atmosphere of St Tropez? The town, industry, the bars, the families?

11. The beginning of Brigitte Bardot’s career?

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