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And I Alone Survived

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US, 1978, 100 minutes, Colour.
Blair Brown, Vera Miles, G.D.Spradlin, David Aykroyd.
Directed by William A. Graham.

And I Alone Survived is a telemovie based on a true story by the survivor Lauren Elder. It tells of a joyride over the Rockies which ended in a crash, Lauren's surviving the crash with the pilot and then, after his death, going for help. It also highlights family concern and rescue operations. In one sense, the story is more low-key than the treatment it is given. However, Blair Blair is very good in the central role and stars like Vera Miles and G. D. Spradlin appear as her parents. A story that many could easily identify with. Filmed authentically in the Rockies.

1. An interesting story? A true story? Audiences identifying with the situation and characters?

2. Location photography in the Rockies? California, air reconnaissance, rescue teams, the difficulties of the mountains and the weather? The small towns? A piece of Americana? The musical score?

3. The focus on Lauren, her relationship with Jimmy, her work, decision to go on the flight, the joyride, the relationship with Jay and jean? Her taking photos? The impact of the crash, her surviving, Jean's death? Helping Jay - concern, not angry with him, irritated with him? Being thrown back on her own resources, her trying to get down the mountain but failing, keeping the fire alight, concern about health? Not being dehydrated? her finally going down the mountain, her wandering, the townspeople suspicious of her, her being reunited with her family? A sketch of a woman being resourceful in a tragic situation?

4. The sketch of Jimmy, his concern, the means to find out what happened, the many phone calls etc? Jay's daughter and her help? Lauren's parents and her concern? Her mother not believing that she was dead? Support for her father? Her father and brother and their work, going out to search for her?

5. Jay and Jean and their relationship, Jay's bad decision about the flight and causing the crash?

6. The atmosphere of the mountains, the temperatures, heat and cold, food and drink, fire? The precautions needed for survival in the mountains? An interesting move for home viewing and for understanding people involved in accidents?

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