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American Psycho 2: All American Girl

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US, 2002, 88 minutes, Colour.
Mila Kunis, William Shatner.
Directed by Morgan J. Freeman.

American Psycho 2: All- American Girl is a serial killer drama, a cut above the average. It relies on the aura of American Psycho, beginning with the death of Patrick Bateman, killed by the young girl who was present at the murder of Bateman's final victim, her babysitter, who was in a relationship with the best investigator of serial killers that the FBI had.

The film goes forward six years when Rachel, filled with an ambition to become an FBI agent to eradicate serial killers, begins to eliminate everyone in her path. She is a sociopath, outwardly charming, single-minded and deadly. Mila Kunis gives quite an effective performance as Rachel. William Shatner appears as the womanising ex-FBI agent-become-professor of criminal law.

The film is less gory than might be expected, shows the psychology of the sociopath as she goes to achieve her goals. Direction is by Morgan J. Freeman (Desert, Hurricane Streets), who showed initial promise in small independent films. Perhaps he took on this project as practice as well as to earn some money for other projects. The link with American Psycho might surprise its author Brent Easton Ellis.

1. An interesting psychological drama in itself? Portrait of a serial killer and her psychology?

2. The title and audience expectations? The use of the title from Brett Easton Ellis, his central character being murdered at the opening of the film, referred to as one of the main serial killers along with Ted Bundy and other actual killers during the lectures from the professor?

3. The locations of Washington State (with Canada standing in)? The musical score and its atmosphere?

4. The link with American Psycho and the explanation given? The characters?

5. Rachel as a young girl, her voice-over, present at the murder of her babysitter, her killing Patrick Bateman and her rationale for it? Her escaping detection? Growing up, her aims to study, to destroy all serial killers through the FBI? Her plan, failure not being an option? Her emerging as a ruthless sociopath?

6. Her appearance, outward charm, relentlessness, the voice-over story? Attractive, with the professor, her being one of the final candidates for the teaching assistant role? Her comment on her rivals? Going to lectures, quizzical, debating with the rival about the character of Ted Bundy? Her friendship with Cassandra?

7. Brian and his wealth, his interview with the registrar and his losing his temper, inviting Rachel to the meal, their discussions, his haughty manner, trying to bribe her, going back for sex, the issue of the condom, her killing him? Her killing the registrar? Cassandra and her friendship with the professor, Rachel's being upset at the familiarity, hearing about Cassandra getting the position, taking her back to her flat, killing her? The other candidate, seeing him study in the library, his maniacal drawings - her regret at losing a criminal mind yet killing him?

8. The registrar and her interviews, thwarting Rachel's plans, playing by the rules? Her going home, the cat, the microwave, her death?

9. Rachel's decision that she needed a psychiatrist, going to see Eric, the nature of the interview, discussions with him? His seeing that she was a sociopath, ringing the professor, confidentiality? The professor making the mistake about which girl Eric was warning him about? The information that she had hanged herself? Eric's puzzle? The appointment which was not kept, his taking his mother out to dinner, seeing Rachel, confronting her? His calling the police, investigating her, her death? His book being a bestseller, meeting Rachel in the form of the Quantico FBI agent whom she would have most liked to have been?

10. The professor, his reputation with the FBI, his skills, lecturing? Wife and daughter, his relationship with his students, with Cassandra, in love with her, her death, going to her room, destroying the evidence associating him with her? His meeting Rachel, her taking over the role of having a relationship with him? His death?

11. Her parents and their visit, the smell of the bodies, going out to the meal and the comedy of their not being able to get started?

12. Her death, taking over the agency personality at Quantico and surviving?

13. The ironic picture of the psychopathic and sociopathic all-American girl?

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