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Belgium, France, 2014, 93 minutes, Colour.
Lola Duenas, Laurent Lucas.
Directed by Fabrice Du Welz.

Alleluia is not so happy as it title would seem to indicate. It is a film about macabre serial killers – with more than a touch of gory violence. It is directed by Fabrice Du Welz who directed Calvaire and the English-language Vinyan.

The film focuses on a Spanish woman working in a morgue who encounters a pleasant middle-aged man, is carried away by his seduction, becomes infatuated, jealous when she sees him with other women, but gets a hold over him so that they continue his murderous work of killing rich women.

They pose as brother and sister, he ingratiating himself with several women – the film is divided into chapters with the names of the central character for each - seduces them and then murders them, the two disposing of the bodies. The woman is unstable and possessive, gradually taking a complete hold over the man.

More of a film that appeals to those who like films about serial killers.

1. A film blending the erotic and the violent? Touches of horror? Blood and gore?

2. The Belgian locations, city, homes, clubs, morgue, isolated areas? Musical score?

3. The film divided into chapters, the focus on Gloria, Michel, the three victims?

4. The focus on Gloria, her work at the morgue, with human bodies, her past, unmarried, her relatives, from Spain?

5. Michel, the gigolo, the encounter with Gloria, his seductive manner? His explanation of himself – and later having to explain the truth?

6. Going out together, the sexual encounter, the effect on each of them? Gloria and her infatuation? Seeking out Michel?

7. Finding him, his being with the other women, his excuses, her emotional reactions?

8. Her reaction to the truth, setting up a mode of acting, capitalising on his charm, moving in with the women, elderly, in need of affection, their wealth, Gloria stating that she was Michel’s sister, allowed to stay in the house?

9. Her jealousy, acknowledging that Michel could act in this way but emotionally not?

10. The portrait of the three women, in themselves, their emotional needs, the response to Michel, the sensuality, overcoming loneliness?

11. Gloria, reactions, becoming more manic and possessive?

12. The murders, grim, the details, dismemberment, disposing of the bodies?

13. The interaction of the two, the possibility of this way of life continuing – not?

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