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All Our Desires/ Tous nos envies

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France, 2011, 100 minutes, Colour.
Vincent Lindon, Marie Gillain.
Directed by Philippe Lioret.

All Our Desires is a very moving French film, directed by Philippe Lioret, director of the very strong film about migrants and refugees from Iraq in the camps on the English Channel, Welcome.

This is the story of a judge who has a terminal illness. She is happily married but does not reveal the illness to her husband. In the court, she encounters a single mother who has suffered at the hands of her husband and is trying to bring up her children. She has been brought to court by loan companies with their extortionate rates. The judge has compassion on her and invites it into her own family. She also consults another judge about the issues. He gives her a pessimistic prognosis but nevertheless involves himself in the issues. Unwittingly, he becomes her driver to the hospital and shares, with her family, the last days of her life.

The film has strong social conscience, especially with financial institutions and their exploitation, trying to get decisions from the European Court. But is also very moving film about illness, dealing with illness, and the judge providing for her family after she has died.

1. A humane story, French in tone, universal application? Social situations? The director and his interest in French social issues?

2. Provincial France, the towns, homes, the courts, school? Realism? The musical score?

3. The title, aspirations?

4. Claire and Chris, their children, home life, their love, the children at school, Clare giving Celine in the money for the trip, her returning it? Sleepovers for the children?

5. The surprised to find Claire as a judge, Celine’s surprise, Celine and her case, her husband leaving her, her bringing up her child, the loans, the small print in the contracts? Her having no money? The lawyer standing for the company, a hard stance? The interest on the loans, Celine unable to pay, the judges in the law, Claire and her emotional decision?

6. Celine and her gratitude? Going to the house, who care for the children, her own home, being small, the issues of paying rent, electricity, getting more debt? The huge interest rate? Are moving in with Claire and Chris and the children, who work in the house, is seeking the jobs?

7. The case being turned down, Clare invited to be interviewed by her supervisor, is criticism of her decision, involvement? Her being put off the case?

8. The getting advice about a judge, meeting Stephane, is office, the cup of coffee, the discussion, issues of the law, his pessimism, the details, Clare leaving upset?

9. Stephane, his coaching the rugby league, he’s enjoying it, is explaining it to Claire? His home life, his wife? Is ideas of justice, taking up the case, Celine going into the court, the plea? His winning? The victory overturned? The issue of appeals and Supreme Court? The issues of going to stress Borg and the European Court?

10. Claire, going to the hospital, the diagnosis, the short life expectation, her not wanting chemotherapy or radiotherapy, not telling Chris? Her fainting, her health, continually covering up her lapses?

11. Stephane and is ideas, plans, strategies, the issue of justice to persons or consideration of harm to the system and market values? Making a case, the judge accepting it?

12. Chris, devoted husband, skill as a cook, the visits and his meals, his plans, accepted by the restaurant?

13. Stephane and his driving clear to see her mother, please visit to her sister and the arguments, the background to her family life, going to the doctor? The impulse of going to the swim, her collapsing, the hospital thinking Stephane was her father? His signing her hot?

14. Her collapse, Chris unhappy with Stephane, the visits, her going out and enjoying the rugby union match? Her being unconscious, Stephane telling her that the case had been one, the movement of her fingers?

15. The growing illness, sitting outside of the children’s visit, Chris and his concern, her death?

16. The aftermath, actually winning the case, the consequences?

17. The human story, illness and resilience? Planning to the consequences of death – Celine with Chris and their caring for the family? The social concern, the victims of loan companies and high rates of interest? These themes well combined?

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