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Airplane 2!/ Flying High 2

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US, 1982, 85 minutes, Colour.
Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, Chad Everett, Peter Graves, Chuck Connors, William Shatner, Raymond Burr.
Directed by Ken Finkelman.

Flying High 2: the Sequel is a very funny film. While the novelty of the original has disappeared, the basic plot and situations with the verbal and visual jokes remain. There are flashbacks to the original and repetition of many jokes and so many are worth repeating. Despite the touch of the crude, the film is generally suitable for all audiences.

The plot is basically the same, except that the plane is going towards outer space but is veered towards the sun! It is brought back from the sun just in time! Robert Hayes and Julie Haggerty are once again the stars, their reputations enhanced by the success of the original. Several of the former cast are back including Peter Graves and Lloyd Bridges. There are several other new guest stars including Chuck Connors and Chad Everett. The pace is the same as in the first film with no joke outstaying its welcome - enabling the film to be seen again to catch many of the jokes. The satire of all disaster films continues as well as caricature of stereotypes and cliched behaviour on screen.

The original writers and directors of the film were not interested in the sequel and the writer of Grease 2 and other comedies, Ken was called in. Despite disavowals to the contrary, he has continued in the vein of the original. Pleasing 80s comedy.

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