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UK, 2015, 79 minutes, Colour.
Julian Barrett, Noel Fielding.
Directed by Steve Oram.

The director, Steve Oram, is quoted as saying that he saw a documentary about apes and their attacks on each other which gave an inspiration to speculate in a film about what would happen if humans behave like apes, talk, manners, aggressive behaviour, and how society would exist.

While the idea is novel (except for all the films from the Planet of the Apes), the execution will be difficult to sit through for most audiences. The actors perform very well, grunting, finding animal sounds the equivalent of human speech and communication, being in situations which look human but have animal behaviour.

The performances have a great deal of humour but the underlying idea is serious.

On the other hand, audiences who like something really novel, really off-beat, have found this film to quote one fan “insane but great”.

While some audiences might admire some of the great aspects, many find it too much, too insane, to sit through.

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