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A La Folie

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France, 1994, 91 minutes, Colour.
Anne Parillaud, Beatrice Dalle.
Directed by Diane Kurys.

A La Folie (Six Days, Six Nights) was written and directed by Diane Kurys (Peppermint Soda, Entre Nous, A Man in Love). It is a psychological drama about two sisters, their interdependence, their games and cruelty and finally, desperation. Anne Parillaud (Nikita, Innocent Blood, Map of the Human Heart) is the artist and younger sister whose life is disrupted by her older sister, played by Beatrice Dalle (Betty Blue, Night on Earth).

The film draws the character of each sister quite well, dramatises their interactions until a somewhat melodramatic ending which is in keeping with the whole drama.

1. The impact of the drama, relationships, love and hate between sisters?

2. The Paris settings, the musical score? The theme song - over and over again?

3. The title, the English interpretation?

4. Alice, her art, her agent, her not making decisions, the possibility of an exhibition in New York? Her relationship with Franck? His decision to move in, her reaction, accepting it? Their life together? Relationships, commitment, work?

5. The contrast with Elsa at home, her moods in the morning, the tension of her relationship with Thomas, her children, the coat, going away in her slippers, the train ride, her arrival at the studio?

6. The two sisters and their not having seen each other for two years? Reproaches? The impact of their mother and her ashes (and Elsa dispersing them after finding them in the cupboard)? The elderly father? The background of their love, hate, rivalry, games? Alice wanting to disown Elsa? Elsa having taught Alice? Alice allowing Elsa to move in, at the studio, the apartment? Giving her a bed, room? Her taking over, the bathroom, the food? Franck and his reaction?

7. Alice and her feelings, love, support of Elsa, the tensions, her trying to lead her ordinary life with Franck? His reactions? The outings, anger, her telling Franck that Elsa was not really her sister?

8. Franck, his boxing background, love for Alice, the decision to move in, his tenderness, the rescuing of the bird (and the image for Alice, and its final escape)? His decision to stop boxing, Elsa watching him? His fear for Alice's sanity, the decision to tie her up? The motivations for the sexual encounter with Elsa? What was he trying to prove?

9. Elsa, the shopping, staying at home, the discussions on the roof? Her control? Getting the condoms? Her getting onto the train - and then getting off again? Her anger, the interchange with Alice, her vicious smashing of the studio? Her motivation with the condom? Alice tied up? The sexual experience with Franck? Her destroying Alice's art, her life?

10. Thomas's arrival, tension in the apartment, his talking, explanation, cards?

11. Alice tied up, her torment, wanting to escape, her being hurt, the knife, the disillusionment with Franck, embracing Elsa but threatening her with the knife? Never wanting to see her again? Asserting her freedom?

12. The New York scenes, the agent, the new boyfriend, the possibility of the show? Elsa's drawing appearing under the door? The freeze-frame ending? How would she cope with Elsa? Have strength for the future?

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